The Grumpy Old Gamer: Back in My Day

Late to the Party


It never fails. When you’re a casual gamer, playing every new release gets tricky, even difficult. Not to mention, it’s really expensive. Sometimes, you have to wait until the game goes on sale just to buy it; then, you have to wait until you have time to play. Work does not usually allow for game time. For me, that’s once my wife and kids are asleep.


This was prompted by a conversation with the guys about a game I have never played; but is really kind of old, and even prior generation, Borderlands. I have had friends who enjoyed it, one of whom her husband proposed with the ring in a loot box mock up. So not having played it, I was given quite the verbal thrashing. I ended up looking through eBay and Gamestop to try and find an inexpensive copy. It’s not that I was against playing Borderlands, it just never really jumped on my radar as a “must play.” I’ve heard about it plenty, and seen pictures; I just didn’t know what I was missing.


Same with Fallout. Now, I tried Fallout 3 years ago. I didn’t love it, and returned it pretty quickly. However, 4 came out, and I decided I really wanted to give it another shot. So a buddy of mine loaned it to me, and I was hooked. The things that aggravated me the first time around weren’t as much of a hassle anymore. “You are carrying too much, you cannot run”… After sinking several hours into Fallout 4, I got ahold of a download code for Fallout 3, and installed it. Started on that one too (I’m not even done with 4 yet).


The Metal Gear series, (PS1 era and after) I have limited interaction with. I played the demo of Metal Gear Solid, I played Sons of Liberty (Guns of the Patriots? PS3 game…) and they were ok, but I never touched the others. Once again, after a few years with fresher (older) eyes, maybe I would enjoy them more? I’m not a fan of stealth games; but as long as it’s either stealth or guns blazing, I’m good.


I am, however, not alone in my “on the list” games that I haven’t played. I was speaking to Clong and Goat, and it turns out Clong hasn’t played Last of Us. Arguably, one of the greatest games from the prior generation. The remaster on PS4 is likewise amazing, and inexpensive. With the sequel coming up soon, it’s a great time to get acquainted with this gem. Strangely enough, the manager of my local Gamestop and I were talking about it, and he hasn’t played it either. Absolute MUST for PS3or 4 owners. Not just for the gameplay; because stealth games are not my bag. This game is not just a great playing game, the story and voice acting are top notch.

In closing I’ll say this, if you love a game, any game (except Assassins Creed, fuck that) tell your friends about it. I eventually got the gang to play Snatcher, and it opened their eyes to some old school fun. It might work for you also. Feel free to comment about your favorite game no one else seems to have played.

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