The Grumpy Old Gamer: Unapologetic Singleplayer


Singleplayer for life, yo!

As an old school, long time gamer, I remember the days when multiplayer didn’t even exist, unless you were playing one at a time in Super Mario Brothers. That’s what multiplayer was for me, not Deathmatch, not Capture the Flag, not even split screen. Single player was the way to go, you started out by yourself, and you finished that way. These days, they not only release multplayer only games, some of you people don’t even play the single player campaigns. Hell, some games were released on the last console generation that you had to have more storage space to play the single player campaign; but multi was good to go out of the box. What in the hell? So, this week, we’re going to talk about single player vs multiplayer, and maybe even a bit about why you should give single player a shot. You may even learn something.

Here’s the thing, people with jobs, families, lives don’t have time to devote multiple hours per day playing against other people, or 12 year olds, to better know the maps, weapon placements, etc. Guys like me have no chance of reaching that level. So we have to deal with douchebags and kids talking shit to us to the point that we never try multi again. I’m happy to save my money on Xbox Gold and PS Plus memberships and never playing online. It’s not worth the hassle, and I have never been able to justify paying to play a game I bought (No MMOs either).


First and foremost, whether you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, Call of Duty. In all its many iterations, is a very popular game for multiplayer. Some people don’t even realize Black Ops is a COD game. Call of Duty started out many years ago as a World War 2 game. You would play through missions and situations from WW2. It was single player only, and it was not only good, it was popular, spawning many sequels, and billions of dollars. So much so, that they set up 2 different studios to produce a different game every other year. Yes, eventually, they added multiplayer, pretty quickly actually. I’ll be honest, for some, this was where COD really became popular. Just for clarification, Call of Duty, regardless of chapter, iteration, or studio, HAS A SINGLE PLAYER MODE. Battlefield does too. Try them, you might actually have fun.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I have played COD multiplayer, Battlefield also. Back when I had fewer responsibilities, I was online for Modern Warfare, World at War, and a few other non FPS games. I was in the beta for Warcraft 3 the Frozen Throne (that, and most betas are multi only), and I got my ass kicked more often than not. It was still fun, but it got old. I even played Gears of War multi for quite a while (yes, I know, but Gold memberships were cheaper or even free with game purchases back then.) Team Deathmatch was cool, and I had some great games, and good times with friends back then.


Warhawk for PS3 was multi only, and I played it for a while. It was kind of fun, until the damn kids and douchebags took over. A game that was a great mix of combat, exploration, and strategy that involved guns, planes, tanks, jeeps, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and all point in between; but it got old because there wasn’t as much depth since it was multiplayer only.


Even competitive FPS’s can have single player modes. Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament were strictly competitive style games, and they had great single player modes. There were online multi player modes, but if you never even stepped foot in that domain, you still managed to play through them and have fun. I still, to this day, hold Unreal Tournament as the best competitive FPS I ever played. I even participated in LAN parties and local multi (I had to carry and set up my computer every time. Not a laptop) games with a buddy at his house.


There will be people who suggest I’m just bitter because I can’t compete with other folks. Hell, some of you might even be right, but I also just like to play games as a way to relax, and maybe spend some downtime. Single player is a great way to get to learn the story, to learn the control scheme, to actually be able to make some progress. A prime example of solid single player would be Bioshock. Awesome game, not a multiplayer mode anywhere. Then, they release Bioshock 2. A shorter single player mode and a shitty multiplayer mode. Later, they added DLC to bulk up single player, but the damage was done. Multi isn’t needed for every game, people!

I would be remiss not to mention that sports games have single player modes too. I personally don’t play them; but it’s true. Hell, even GTA has a single player mode. Kill hookers and cops by yourself, it’s ok to go it alone.

My point here, is that while some people can and obviously do, find enjoyment in multiplayer, it’s not the only way to enjoy gaming these days. It’s not even the original way to enjoy them. I have enjoyed it myself, but play the damn campaign, or season, or missions, or whatever the game offers. They don’t employ testers just so you can play multi only. Experience what they bled, sweat, and cried over.

Now give that some thought, and MIND MY PIGEONS!!!!

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