Retro Gaming. What Goes Around Comes Back Around.



What a year 2018(and the end of 2017) has been. It’s not only been a stellar year for new content, it’s been a banner year for retro gamers. The NES Mini came out and was woefully under produced. Nintendo released the Switch to massive sales. Then, they allegedly learned from their mistake, and produced more of the Super NES Mini.  Add in ATGames and their steady flow of retro consoles and handhelds, and it’s a gaming renaissance.


The NES Mini is Nintendo’s most successful blunder. It sold like mad; but it was sorely under produced. So much so, that jerkwad scalpers are charging hundreds for 1 online. It showed immense promise, having some of the Big N’s greatest hits for their first major console (in America), the Super Mario games, Castlevania, Metroid, 30 old school hits. Yet they failed in that they didn’t produce nearly enough. Then, to make matters even worse, they “had no plans to produce more!” Lots of pissed off fans there. Great job Nintendo.


Now, both financially and PR wise, that was a big mistake. They did, however, make up for it (somewhat) with the Super NES Mini. Produced more, made this apparent from the beginning, and the damn things again, sell like crazy. I was at Gamestop today, and the lady in line in front of me bought one. Go figure, “If you build it, they will buy.”

For the last few years, ATGames has been producing retro Sega Genesis consoles that honestly are pretty great. They combine Genesis games pre-loaded, with a cartridge port so you can also plug in games and play that way, on the off chance the game you want isn’t included. My kids love this thing, especially Virtua Fighter. I also have the handheld from a year or 2 ago that has the same games pre-loaded; but instead of a cartridge port, it uses and SD card for adding games. My only gripe about my console is it’s the older one that didn’t come with Mortal Kombat, and the controllers are wireless and have to have a clear line of sight to the box. It’s a small complaint, until you hold the controller wrong.

Next, what about the original Big Daddy, the Monster A, Atari is back in the news with the Atari Box. You would expect someone like me (an old person), to be excited by this. And yet, I am not. Atari has done NOTHING to build anticipation for this new console. No news about games, 3rd party support, nothing. They recently released a picture of the controller… Seriously, if you’re going to try to capitalize on nostalgia, then don’t the same old shit in a shiny new box. I want new everything. Single button joysticks are NOT realistic anymore. That was 30-40 years ago. I need dual axis, double analog sticks with 16 freakin buttons. If I want the old time Atari experience, I’ll buy an ATGames console for a whole lot less. Not to mention, they’re talking about crowd funding? F*CK THAT. If you can’t drum up the financing on your own, simply based on name recognition. You need to stick with what you have. A halfhearted game studio and ATGAmes throwing money at you.



In short, ATGames? Nintendo? killing it. Atari on the other hand? Getting killed. Gonna get killed. There’s a race, and they haven’t even tied their shoes. ATGames is killing it with Atari products! Come on Big A. Step your game up.


In closing, I’ll say this. Nostalgia has its place. A blast from the past can be a welcome change of pace, when it’s done right. Nintendo is doing it right. Sega has joined with ATGames to do it right. Atari on the other hand? DOA.

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